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Prayer Requests

Please Pray For

God's protection for All Houses of Worship throughout the world

Those that serve at home and around the world--and those that gave All for our freedom!

             Keep these following people in your prayers
                      for Health or Personal issues
Last names are withheld as requested :  God knows them

Sara R                Pastor and Lucero       Mim T
Rebecca S          Gary and Pat J            John McD   
Will L                 Curtis and Jane G       Connie B
Myron S             Harley and Colleen      Lori B
Darryl B             Walter and Wayne        Bill W
Brayden             Curtis and Jane           Hillory W
Breanna A          Diane G                       Blaine
Gerry K              Barbara S                     Linda W
Stephanie D       Susan and Craig B        Ken S
Lorna J              Denise and Joe B

             Prayers for these families that have lost loved ones
               Izabel Windley             Duvall family
 Prayers for Peace to all those affected by the War on Israel



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