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As we walk around in our mortal skin, we often find ourselves being very shortsighted. 
I’ve noticed the sea gulls flying overhead lately, like they do every late spring, summer, and early fall. At one time in my life, I thought of them as stupid, nasty sea crows … and as a farm boy in Arkansas, they ain’t anything much lower than a crow. But thanks to my son Chris, and Lucero, I have changed my attitude about them. So now when I hear them, I smile, and think how lovely. So, I’ve been hearing them lately, and noticed how in the early morning they seem to fly east toward the rising sun; then in the late evening they fly west toward the setting sun. They do this every day when the temperature is warm. But the other day I was sitting on the swing down by the bayou and noticed that the birds that live in our yard were very distressed over these loud squawking birds flying high overhead. Then, as if I were speaking to them, I thought hey, they do this twice a day – don’t you get the picture yet? They go this way in the morning and then they go this way at night. Plus, they are way up there above us and never fly down here close. What have you got to be worried about?!?
But of course, we’re not just mortal, we’re humans, shouldn’t we be above that? Well maybe, maybe not. I mean, I’ve been driving myself crazy lately with deadlines for this and deadlines for that. Every single week, and I mean every single week I have to come up with a communion meditation, scripture, sermon title, children’s sermon, prayer and offering meditation – not to mention it better be something that the Holy Spirit is going to want to help me with – cause y’all may have noticed, I don’t know much about writing. Not to mention I have to come up with something to write about in our newsletter. And I am editor for my local HOA newsletter so I can get a few bucks to help out in the finance department, and that puts a whole bunch more deadlines for me. I yearn for the day when I don’t have any deadlines to make! 
Then I think of my friends who yearn for the time in their life when they had or were capable of meeting a deadline. 
We complain when we have work, and we complain when we don’t have work … I don’t know that we are that much better at being NOT shortsighted than these little birds in my yard. Maybe that should have read “NOT being shortsighted like the little birds in my yard …” which way is correct grammar? … anyway, you get the point. 
Bonus thought: what do you do when you’re at the end of your rope? Well, that depends on whether it was the end of my rope last week or the end of my rope this week – because my rope seems to be lengthening – every time I think I’m at the end of it, I find some more.
                                       See ya Sunday, and every week – on the internet -  
                                                                             All glory and honor to God.  Peace and blessings,


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