Pastor's Monthly Pen



 November 2022


I would like to share a poem by Peter Blackburn entitled Thanks, Lord!

"Someone has helped, has given themselves, and we have been blessed.  Sometimes in our

haste we have taken help for granted as if life somehow owes it to us!  We've scarcely noticed. 

Do we think it is our right to be served by another? Or do we only notice ourselves? We

complain when our needs are not met.  Oughtn't we say, "Thanks," when they are?

And as life rushes on we take the Lord's help for granted too!  God's there for us! Surely

his help is our right--he owes it to us to meet our needs!  After all, why have God otherwise?

Yet we receive--sunshine, seasons, wet and dry.  God's blessings come on the just and the

unjust, the thankful and those who don't give God a thought!

And Jesus came, not to give us a holiday at Christmas and Easter, but life!  Thanks Lord

I believe one of our greatest downfalls is our lack of earnest praise to God.  In Malachi, chapter 1 verse 6a we read:  The LORD of Heaven's armies says to the priests:  "A son honors his father, and a servant respects his master.  If I am your father and master, where are the honor and respect I deserve?"

This is a pretty good question for us to ask ourselves at end of every day:  "how have we shown God honor and respect today?"

As we enter the season of Advent we prepare ourselves to receive Christ.  We know what He did for us --that's what sets us apart as Christians -- we believe.  So, do we just believe on Sunday? Do we believe every day, and if we do shouldn't there be clear evidence of the honor and respect, we give to the True God every day?

What have you done for God's glory today?

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               All glory and honor to God.  Peace and blessings, Tim.